About Libnamic

Libnamic has been contributing cutting-edge technology solutions to its customers since 2017

At its inception, Libnamic mostly focused on the technological needs of university libraries. This included projects involving cultural heritage promotion, bibliometrics, dissemination of research results, RFID solutions, cybersecurity, web development...

Institutional and international clients

Nowadays, Libnamic's customer base includes many of the main universities and historic heritage managment institutions in Spain.

Recent digitalization and internationalization efforts have allowed Libnamic to obtain projects with universities and research centers around the world.

Additionally, our company provides technology consultancy services to SMEs and government-owned companies. We support their projects through services such as custom software development, consultancy, IoT system devising, secure solutions design, industrial studies and hosting.

Datos de mapas ©2022 Google, INEGI
Datos de mapas ©2022 Google, INEGI


Our innovative solutions have allowed us to grow consistently, reaching a constant yearly increase in revenue

Social commitment

Libnamic partakes and supports initiatives seeking to improve our surroundings

Social commitment


In every project, with the newest technology, procedures and methodology


Based in Puerto Real, Spain

Our company is based in this coastal town, very close to Cádiz, in the south of Spain (Andalusia).

Thanks to digitalization, our team works remotely and we can take on projects from all around the world.

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Social commitment

We believe that a business can only be successful inasmuch as it improves the society to the extent it can.

That is why, from our small scale, we try to pay back to society in all ways possible:

  • Free cooperation with NGOs and social organizations that contribute to society

  • Discounts and flexible payments for non-profit associations

  • Hosting and web sponsorship for educative, cultural and other initiatives

  • Sponsoring of events

  • Free training for unemployed people

Do you have a project that we could cooperate with?

Don't hesitate! Please tell us all about it and we'll see how we can work together


Technology for our clients

We bring cutting-edge technology to our customers, so they can benefit from the latest advancements in an affordable way even if they belong to non technical sectors

Work methodology

Libnamic's team works remotely, saving costs and time. Our remote working philosophy and total digitalization of the company allows us to respond to market changes quickly and invest in R&D

Specialized products

Libnamic has invested to create specific products and services that really make a difference in these highly-specialized markets and sectors. 

Examples of specialized projects

Libnamic Hosting

By using Kubernetes as the foundations for our Hosting system, we can provide some of the fastest speeds in the market. Thanks to our R&D project, we can provide a cutting-edge service while keeping low prices.

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Libnamic Suite for Omeka S

After assessing some missing features in this open-source software project for Digital Humanities, Libnamic decided to develop a custom product that supplements it.

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This field is crucial for modern universities, since they need to measure the impact of their  research publications.

Libnamic detected many lacks in the services provided by other companies and devised specific software solutions and methodologies to help universities clean and process data.